Nature Notes is starting up again!

 A canopy of trees at Westmoreland. Photo credit: Akanksha Basil

Hey, everyone!

We hope that you and your families are staying safe during this trying time. Westmoreland's staff, interns, and volunteers have been hard at work making sure Westmoreland and its ecosystems stay clean, safe, and healthy. Like many of you, we've found that challenges and difficulties arise every now and then, but we are rising to the tasks. We've been able to keep everyone at Westmoreland safe through the COVID-19 quarantine-- on any given day, you'll find one of our team striding around the grounds with a group of determined-looking volunteers and interns in tow, donning masks, gloves, and a myriad of tools to be used that day. We're happy to report that Westmoreland is up, running, and wonderfully lively. 

Nature Notes, Westmoreland's blog, was created in 2009, but took quite a hiatus. However, we're excited announce that now, in July of 2020, we are revamping and relaunching it! All of us hope that through this blog, we'll be able to bring more of Westmoreland to more of this community and those who are thinking of joining it. We'll be posting updates, stories, experiences, discoveries, and goings-on, and we sincerely hope we can contribute to, widen, and enhance your view of this incredible preserve and nature itself.