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This Past Summer

By A. Basil  Hi, everyone! I hope you are well, and I apologize for being somewhat lax in sharing the incredible summer we've had at Westmoreland. Being a part of this summer's group of interns and volunteers, I can tell you that the ever-necessary conservation work kept us both constantly immersed in nature and open to learning more about it, from each other and from Westmoreland staff. Here's a brief run-through of our work through June, July, and August. Enjoy! Bird Banding We had some very productive months of bird banding. For those who may be new to the topic, bird banding is a method of avian conservation involving the attachment of lightweight metal bands to wild birds' legs. These tags help us monitor bird populations within the sanctuary, migration patterns, and the lives of individual birds. They are also helpful in relaying information to other bird banders who may come into contact with any individual bird. This summer, we banded the following bird species:

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