Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Westchester Bobcat sightings make the news

Our catalog of bobcat sightings has made it into the morning news.  Fox 5's Good Day New York conducted an interview with Westmoreland's Director Steve Ricker about the elusive animals and why they're being seen more frequently around Westchester County.  Catch the full interview here:

And the interview was sparked by a recent bobcat sighting in White Plains, which is explained a bit in this clip.  Steve answers a few questions about coyotes in Westchester County as well.

-Adam Zorn, Naturalist


Anonymous said...

The bobcat from this story was sighted in my backyard. Glad to hear that they don't present a major safety concern. Check out the original story at Scarsdale10583.com.

Link to the full story:


Westmoreland Sanctuary said...

@Anonymous: Thank you for the link. Would you be willing to tell us more about your encounter? If so, please contact us at westsanc(at)optonline.net. We'd love to hear more details and add your sighting to our database if possible. Thanks, Adam - Naturalist

Anonymous said...

I saw two bobcats on April 30, 2012on 117 between 448 and NewYorkLife. It was just near Rockerfeller preserve entrance. One was walking on the side of the road like a cat. The other was walking on three legs toward my car in the middle of the road. I moved over to see what it was. It was grey. The animal looked really skinny and injured. It didn't look familiar. I couldn't tell if it was a coyote or a Bobcat. I assume it was a bobcat since cyotes have long noses.

Anonymous said...

I was at Pruyn Sanctuary today and saw very clear bobcat tracks in the mud in the wetlands. Very distinct round four front pads, with rear prints right at the base of the front prints. They were right next to a large downed tree with roots displayed, next to an information placard about the value of dead trees along one of the boardwalk sections, if anyone wants to check that area. Didn't take a photo.

Anonymous said...

I was in my backyard this morning cleaning up the fall leaves when what I originally thought was a rather large cat caught me eye.
My home is directly connected to a large wooded area, that has a large deer population,
As I took a second closer look I soon realized that this in ffact no cat, but a Bobcat that was nestled on some rocks and a large brush pile.
I have lived at my home here in Yorktown Heights for some 22 years, and this is the first time I have seen the animal.
I must say, it was beautful, with profound features and colors.
I hope I have the opiuintunity to see this animal once again,it was truely an amazing and stunning sighting.

Jay Horgan
Yorktown Heights NY 10598