Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trail Safety after Irene


For Your Safety:

Trails Close at 5pm!

The storm on August 28th created a number of difficult trail conditions including, but not limited to, heavy debris, erosion, limbs, and fallen trees across the entirety of the trail system.  Before accessing the trail system, all visitors are advised to use a trail map (available in the kiosk and nature museum) and must always be aware of the locations of trail markers to avoid losing your way.

Watch your step!  Fallen debris, loose rocks, washouts, mud, standing water may make portions of the trail difficult to walk.  Be diligent and exercise caution while walking the trails.

Cell phone service has been very weak or non-existent since the storm.  Do not rely on receiving cell phone service while out on the property.  Take a map and be aware of your location at all times to avoid losing your way!  Should you have any doubts about your ability to navigate the trail system, please turn around and go back the way you came.

Because of the extraordinary amount of rainfall during the month of August, the mosquito activity is HIGH.  Please consider wearing insect repellent to avoid mosquitoes, especially in areas with standing water.

Do not cut any live vegetation that may be encroaching on the trails.  A number of smaller understory trees and shrubs may have been forced into the trail during the storm.  The Sanctuary staff will carefully trim or prop up branches of these valuable plants to avoid destroying them.

Visitors may remove deadfall sticks, branches from the trail as they see fit.  Please report large trail obstructions to the Sanctuary staff so they can be removed as soon as possible.  If you don’t report it, we may not know about it!  We don’t walk the trails nearly as often as our visitors.  Leave a note in the kiosk, call, or send us an email.

Thank you for your cooperation.  We hope to open the trails to their normal hours of dawn to dusk in the near future.

The Staff of Westmoreland Sanctuary

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