Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sugar Time

Its that time of year again...when the temperatures begin to slowly rise, and we're teased by alternating days of clear skies and 40+ degrees (Fahrenheit) and gray skies and snow showers.  Mid-February and early March are difficult times for those of us so desperately looking forward to spring.

But around here, we've got enough to keep our minds and bodies busy until spring fully breaks.  Around here we call it sugaring season.

Sugaring season begins very soon.  In fact this coming weekend we'll begin tapping the first set of maple trees to harvest the clear, slightly sweet sap for maple syrup production.  We don't make a lot of syrup (only 4-5 gallons per year), but its certainly enough to keep us busy.

Check out this post from last February for information about the process of making maple syrup.  If you're interested in a little bit of coaching, consider joining us on Feb 26 at 1pm for an introduction to maple sugaring we call "Tapping the Sugarbush".  We'll also be hosting a few maple sugaring demonstrations through the first two weeks of March - check out our calendar of events on our website for dates and times.

-Adam Zorn, Naturalist

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