Monday, March 15, 2010

Power is back

We had another loss of electricity this past weekend.  Saturated soil, additional precipitation, and heavy wind gusts are a recipe for disaster around here.

This detached power line (just south of the sanctuary entrance) lying in the middle of Chestnut Ridge Road was the source of our weekend-long blackout.  Limbs weakened by the previous storm were falling in great quantity, and one of them happened to snag the powerline on its way to the ground.

In addition to tree-related damage, the torrent of water rushing around a bend in Chestnut Ridge Road contributed a partial collapse of the roadway.  If you are making your way to the sanctuary at any time in the near future, be cautious of the barricade of barrels, cones, and sawhorses alerting drivers of the road hazard.  This is most important for visitors accessing Chestnut Ridge Road off of NY Route 172.

We have yet to assess the trail system for damage from the latest storm, though its safe to say the trails will be very muddy for the forseeable future.  On the bright side...there will soon be a flurry of amphibian activity thanks to all the precipitation.  I'll document some of that activity later this month.

-Adam Zorn, Naturalist

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