Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember Fall?

Does anyone remember Fall? You know, Fall? When the leaves shine crimson, orange, and yellow against a crisp blue sky? Cool, brisk morning temperatures are slowly warmed into comfortable afternoons? The sound of dry, rustling leaves underfoot while walking the trails? You know, THAT Fall? Anyone seen it lately?

Well, just in case you forgot, or like me, you are yearning to see it return, here are some photos I took during October 4th's Lost Pond Lunch Hike.
This spider was putting the finishing touches on her new web a few feet above the trail in a strong, warm beam of sunlight.

These White-flowering Dogwood fruits were gleaming in the light of early morning, beckoning Catbirds, Veery's, Swainson's Thrushes, and others to eat. These berries will nourish a variety of songbirds on their journey south while distributing the seeds in their feces across the forest.

The airspace above Lost Pond was full of Meadowhawk Dragonflies. This one perched on the bench between foraging flights and chases with others of its kind. There were many pairs mating and distributing eggs which will hatch and become next years population of Meadowhawks.

There were still a variety of Bullfrogs and Green Frogs moving around the edge and on top of the lily pads of Lost Pond. Dragonflies and other insects moving about in the sunshine could quickly turn into one of the last meals for these two frogs before hibernation begins.

White Ash trees were ablaze with yellow color amongst the still green tones of the other forest trees.

A variety of birds like this Common Yellowthroat were fueling up on insects in our gardens, forests, and fields during their migration.

And now we have this. Cold. Rain. And snow. We got it all this weekend. But there's hope on the horizon. Weather reports generally look optimistic. Slowly warming temperatures and sunshine will hopefully make our acquaintence again this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

-Adam Zorn, Naturalist

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